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About Thin Metal Films

We have over 30 years experience in the application and development of optical thin film vacuum technologies for advanced products that are used in optical, laser and electro optic systems, together with everyday products such as security cameras, fibre optics, solar panels and touchscreens.

The Company produces finished coated products to exact specification as well as coating of components supplied by our customers. We cater for a large range of clients in Industry, Government and Universities worldwide.

Continuous investment in plant, test equipment and supporting services, combined with a policy of quality training for a highly specialised workforce has ensured Thin Metal Films position as one of the UK's best known companies in optical coatings.



1650mm M1 Telescope Mirror Coating

Thin Metal Films has recently completed the Mirror coating of a 1650mm dia M1 primary mirror, weighing over 730kg. TMF designed, manufactured and load-tested the holding jigs to mount and rotate the mirror 180 degrees for coating in our 3.2x2.2m chamber.

1650mm M1 Large Mirror Coating