Cleaning Recommendations

Although these mirrors have a protective overcoat deposited on the surface of the mirror, it should be remembered that the coatings are extremely thin and can be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials.

Cleaning of the mirrors is possible providing it is done carefully and with the correct materials.

Total Cleaning

Mirrors which have suffered from general atmospheric contamination, smoke, haze etc.


Prepare a solution of Fairy Liquid - approximately 5 drops per 0.5 gal, of warm water and apply all over the surface with a clean flat sponge.  Gently rub the whole surface in circular or long sweeping movements.  Then, using the industrial Kimwipe tissue, wipe off all the water - it is better to start with a slightly damp tissue.

Localised Cleaning

Mirrors which have small marks e.g. finger marks, can be cleaned by first breathing on the affected area and immediately polishing with a clean lint free cloth.


Contamination marks which have etched into the mirror surface with time cannot be removed with cleaning

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