TMF has gained much experience in the coating of fibre optic ends either as bundles or individual ends. The coatings fall into two main groups, anti-reflection for the reduction of insertion loss and metal films for full reflection.

Anti Reflection

AR coatings can be applied to the fibre end to reduce the standing reflectance from about 3.5% to below .25%.

Normally the coatings are designed to give a minimum reflectance at 1.3 or 1.5 microns. The coating will be effective at any slice angle up to 20 degrees.

High Reflectance

The option of several metals are available from gold, silver, aluminium or chrome. Since the reflector is operating as an internal mirror, a heavy protective overcoat can be applied to give good abrasion resistance.

The reflective coatings can be applied to the ends, around the shank, along sections of the fibre lengths or any combination of these options. TMF will advise on the methods for holding fibres in place during evaporation.

Fibre Optic Coatings

Gas Sensing

We can coat fibre ends and lenses with precise thicknesses for use in gas sensing application, with typical materials employed such as Nickel, Platinum, Palladium , Copper, Gold, Silver and various alloys.


Please contact us to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may require.

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