Thin, electrically conductive films can be deposited onto glass or plastics to minimise the effects of radio frequency interference and static charge build up but still allow transmission of light through the glass.

RFI Shields

Normally constructed in a gold / dielectric combination.

Resistance: 10 ohms/square typical
Transmission: >60%
Size available: Any size up to 1200 x 2000 mm max.
Applications: EM radiation suppression of visual windows on computers and printers. Building security, i.e. external windows coated to prevent stray EM radiation.


Non Metallic conductive film with high transparency.

Resistance: 100/ 150 ohms/ square.
Transmission: >80%
Size available: Any size up to 350 x 350mm max.
Applications: AS coatings applied to observation windows can eliminate static charge which attracts dust particles to the window surface.

Heated Windows

Transparent, electrically conductive coatings applied to glass can be used to form a heating element when a voltage is applied across the window.

Resistance: 150 ohms nominal.
Power dissipation: 4w nominal at 24 ac or dc.
Transmission: 80%
Size available: Up to 350 x 350mm.
Applications: Sealed heater windows on cameras and CCTV units to prevent misting.

Another major appliciation of this group of coatings is in the manufacture of 'touch screens' for computer keyboards and monitors.

Please call or contact us to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may require.

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