These mirrors have all the characteristics of glass mirrors (see Data Sheet 201) but with the added advantage that they will not break, shatter or crack. They can be easily drilled for fixing and their special characteristics make them ideal for high security areas, schools, hospitals and ships. Their weight advantage over glass makes them particularly suitable for airborne applications.

TMF manufactures the mirrors by evaporating pure aluminium onto toughened polycarbonate sheets. The aluminium provides a smooth reflective surface which is then overcoated with silicon oxide or similar material and protected by paint if used as a back surface reflector.

Unbreakable ‘two way’ mirrors are also manufactured by TMF. When correctly illuminated they appear to be mirrored on the subject side, but transparent from the observer side. These coatings can also be applied to thin polyester and polycarbonate film, with film thicknesses ranging from 10 microns to 1mm.

General Specification:

Material: G.E.Lexan Margard* abrasion resistant.
Coating: Aluminium
Aluminium Size: Any size up to 3 metres x 2 metres.
Thickness:  3, 4 or 6mm standard.

Please contact us to discuss any variations in standard coatings that you may require.

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